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Summer is approaching, and many of you have asked me for tips on how to plan a trip; and although I know there are hundreds of recommendations that I could give you, I remembered that a few days ago the guys from Hoteles shared some suggestions that I merged with everything that worked for me. They are basic tips, but very practical to build a good getaway.

Choose your destination

Think about where you would like to meet and research on it. The most important thing is to know which are the best seasons to travel, and the approximate cost of transportation (plane, road or bus cost). If you don’t know where you want to go, take a tour on my YouTube channel to see options. Surely you get inspired, my dear

Think if you want to organize the trip on your own or buy a package

Once you’ve decided, make a list of the things you would like to do at the destination – it can be from resting in the pool to activities or tours. Based on this, you will know what places an agency should offer you or what you will include in your itinerary (if you decide to build it yourself). I usually think of a minimum of three activities per day. Scvisor is an excellent page to know what to do and visit in different destinations; The best thing is that the recommendations are based on the opinion of the people.


Become a local

Grab the first taxi driver, bellman, waiter or anyone on the street – if you are more experienced – and ask him or her what are your favorite places to eat or visit. This will allow you to taste the best of local food; Because if you agree, it’s super #epicfail to go to a McDonald’s or Vips when you’re traveling. I always ask for places where you can eat something with your hands and standing, as they are usually local foods. For example, in Mexico City would be tacos.

Without a doubt, the local people show you attractions that you never imagined at the best price.

Buy with a cool head

As almost everything depends on the budget, my suggestion is that you raise alerts for flights. The guys from have a system called PriceWatch that allows you to monitor hotel prices. You can also activate these ads on pages like Kayak. Of course, try to save money before; This way it will be easier for you to acquire them the day you see good prices.

Search for free destination activities

On a trip there are many ways to save. Once you have chosen your destination and have your flights, look for some free activities that you can do. There are many museums, exhibitions, public beaches and art events that do not charge for access. There are even cities like New York where free concerts are organized in its main squares or parks.

Then I upload a second entry with more tips and tools, but as long as you leave me your comments, do you have a mega tip that has helped you when planning a trip? Roll it up, don’t be kullos. See you soon and you know … if you want to travel, move them mijitos, haha.

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