11 tips to increase the efficiency of your business trip

11 tips to increase the efficiency of your business trip Posted On
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The travel business can be stressful. After long trips, few hours of sleep and rest, business lunches and meetings, your body suffers and you may feel that you do not perform as you would like. Therefore, here are 11 tips with which you will get the most out of your trip.

Choose the most convenient and convenient mode of transport

Before deciding on any means of transport, consider them carefully and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, such as the possibility of working during the journey or the need to park your vehicle.

Plan the travel route and calculate the stops and connections

The next step is to calculate the scales in the most efficient way. Several pages like Tripadvisor or have published rankings of the best European airports to make stops. Planning ahead will save you time and money.

11 tips to increase the efficiency of your business trip

Think twice before booking your accommodation

When booking your room, consider variables such as distance to the work point, comfort, possibility of accessing places for lunch and / or dinner and access to public transport. This is especially important when you travel to large cities.

Calculate where you can cut your expenses and where it is worth spending more

There are areas where you can save costs and others in which it is worth investing more. For example, it is worth paying a slightly higher price for a room near your workplace as you will save time on transfers or for accommodation with Wi-Fi  because it will increase your productivity.

Always have a mobile device near you

It seems obvious, but try to be connected to a mobile device all the time to avoid unforeseen events.

Prepare a work agenda

Planning your work not only helps you clarify your thoughts and prioritize your goals, but it will also motivate you to produce more.

Meet with your team periodically

Coordinate your meetings in advance. Take your time to read emails , answer voicemail and make phone calls.

Make the most of your trip

Do not let into laziness. If you visit a city and have several clients in it, try to visit them all.

Prepare your luggage with common sense

It is proven that the way you pack has an impact on the level of stress. Light luggage will give you more mobility and flexibility to adapt to changes.

Always leave room for contingencies and free time

Traveling can be very stressful, so it is not enough to leave some free time to relax. Rest before the meetings and although we have mentioned that it is good to take advantage of the trip, do not saturate it.

Soak up your surroundings

Although it is a business trip, try to absorb everything you can from the city you visit. Surely you will learn a lot about other cultures and enrich your experience.

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