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Guys, I’m ready to tell you all the exquisite details you should know to organize your trip to Jordan and not die trying. I returned a few weeks ago, and for 10 days I learned many things that will be useful to you. Do not stop reading because you will find answers such as: how much does it cost ?, how do I dress ?, where is it ?, do I need a visa ?; What airlines fly?

Before starting, it is important that you know that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a territory of Asia located in the heart of the Middle East . It borders Syria, Egypt, Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. And it is just this moment when people get scared and think: Holy Child of Atocha, it sure is dangerous! But nothing to do, it turns out that it is an extremely quiet destination that has no relation to conflict zones. I will discuss this topic in detail in another post.

Here are the tips:

How much does a trip to Jordan cost?

There is the option that they hire a package with a travel agency, or that they do it on their own. Some of the agencies that offer trips are: Mega Travel, Oitsa, Pe-Tra the Mexican Operator, JuliaTours, etc.

There are surprisingly inexpensive packages that range from $ 13,200 MXN – without plane and without some meals – to $ 40,000 MXN – including air tickets, but without some food and taxes.

In summary : If you go in a nice package and stay in good hotels, buy everything you want and do not want to suffer for anything, you need an approximate budget of $ 70 thousand pesos . If you build it on your own, you stay in hostels and you get a cheap plane ticket , you need an approximate budget of $ 40 thousand pesos .


Which airlines fly?

It depends a lot on the country from which you move. In the case of USA can fly in several ways like: Madrid, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco , etc. Some of these cities have a direct connection with Royal Jordanian, Jordan’s most important airline. The most practical thing is to fly via Madrid – as was my case -; I did it with Iberia. Once you arrive in this city you get on a Royal Jordanian plane that takes you to the Queen Alia International Airport, located in Amman (capital of Jordan).


I made a very good video in which I explain everything I took, and what do you think? Despite having done it before I left I hit him. Click on the red play in the photo below.


They have a great infrastructure, and have hotels of up to 5 stars . In places like Amman, the Dead Sea, the port of Aqaba and even on the outskirts of Petra, they have beautiful and sophisticated complexes. In the desert there are Bedouin camps and incredible ecological hotels.

If you tour the weapons alone there is also the option to find hostels, especially in Amman.

* Without problem you can settle in its capital because Jordan is a small country with a distance of no more than six hours.

5 Language

The official language is Arabic , but most Jordanians speak English . There are also guides who master Spanish, so don’t worry about communication.

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