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How technology facilitates business travel

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According to SITA, the technologies applied to baggage management and control  make travelers’ experience at airports much better. The 2017 report highlights that business travelers increasingly appreciate biometric technologies. In fact, 37% of the people surveyed underwent security checks through facial recognition on their trips and value the experience, scoring it with 8.4 out of 10, a note somewhat higher than that of travelers who They passed controls with traditional methods.

Travelers also appreciate being able to track their luggage and luggage , as well as receive real-time information on their mobile phones. There are also more and more travelers who choose to self-check luggage, with a percentage increase of almost 15 points compared to the previous year (47% in 2017 compared to 31% in 2016).

How technology facilitates business travel

Travel without language barriers with Translate ONE2ONE

Translate ONE2ONE is a new device that translates up to eight languages, without the need for internet or bluetooth connection and in real time. This device has a microphone incorporated and can interpret conversations in German, Chinese, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese in a matter of seconds. To do this, Translate ONE2ONE uses an IBM natural language and translation processor and the Lingmo company hardware.

Other essential applications

More and more applications are very useful when making a room reservation in a hotel , a table in a restaurant, rent a car , etc. Here are some listings with the apps you can’t  miss.

Airbnb: one of the most famous. You can rent a room in a matter of minutes and in addition, you have just launched a specific business line for companies.

Classpass: so you don’t fail your training on your business trip.

Google Drive: allows you to save documents and share them with your coworkers.

Hopper: by using this app you will know when it is convenient to buy a plane ticket and save costs to your company.

HotelTight: with this application, you will find the nearest hotels, wherever you are.

My Table: so you can find the restaurant you were looking for and reserve your table.

Seat Guru: For your convenience when traveling, Seat Guru allows you to choose your seat when you buy a plane ticket.

Worktel:  thanks to this app you can book meeting rooms and work spaces for hours in hotels, business centers and coworking spaces.

Uber: another of the great applications, with which you can move from one place to another quickly and safely.

Captio: the perfect app for the business traveler tired of paperwork. Photograph your expense ticket from your smartphone from wherever you are and generate your expense report with just one click.

More efficient business trips with virtual payment methods

A recent report highlights the advantages of virtual payment, such as security and the reduction of possible illegal practices by business travelers . If you want to know more about virtual payment methods, read this article.

More and more companies are choosing to use virtual payment methods compared to the classic credit cards or other products in their business trips. In the Virtual Virtues of Payment document , CWT analyzes the needs of companies in terms of payment means and reviews the solutions in a market immersed in a deep process of transformation and digitalization.

Among the main advantages of virtual payment methods, CWT highlights security , since credit cards can be cloned, lost or stolen. In addition to avoiding these potential risks, using virtual means of payment businesses can adjust the credit limit of the Travelers business and other parameters such as dates and places where they can be used. In this way, companies reduce internal fraud, increase compliance with travel policy and ultimately increase the efficiency of their business trips.

Another advantage is the ease of preparing comprehensive reports that optimize the management of business trips . The authors of the CWT white paper indicate that when a virtual card is created, all the data necessary for the elaboration of said analyzes is collected. This point is  of the utmost importance since the hours invested in administrative tasks are drastically reduced, for example, after each trip.

Other positive aspects are the immediacy , since the virtual cards and means of payment can be issued at the moment, the possibility of centralizing the billing and the facility for the preparation of complete reports on reconciliation of expenses.

According to responsible for Carlson Wagonlit Travel, transactions made with virtual means of payment use a unique identification code , which allows them to be monitored and drastically reduce fraudulent practices. Digital solutions are perfect for companies looking for flexible means of payment and wishing to centralize all payments in one place, mitigate inefficiencies, detect abuses and tackle internal fraud.

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